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San diego wedding photographer | Sweetpapermedia rates and services

Something to think about as most of you who recently got engaged and planning to get married soon are probably shopping for vendors who will work on your wedding. Especially for those who are looking for photographers.

Photos are the only thing that you will take home after spending 10's up to a 100's of thousands of dollars on your wedding. Even the wedding dress wont be fit forever and the only thing you will keep from it forever are the pretty pictures of you wearing it on your most beautiful wedding day.

Having said that, you may want photographers who has the right amount of experience and right skill set to give justice to all of your wedding investments, that beautiful wedding venue that you rented for the whole day, that gown, those florals and other small details... im pretty sure those are beautiful, you might not even notice those details during your wedding day but photographers will preserve those detailed memories for you and combined with our creativity - we will preserve those memories in the most beautiful way we can.

BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO INVEST ON THE RIGHT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, You may have the most beautiful wedding and have spent tons of money on it but if you have the wrong photographer that couldn't give justice to its beauty, it will be a waste. Allot the right amount of investment on your photography budget, meet your photographers in person or Skype with them for a consultation, look at their portfolio, ask how much years of experience they have and how many weddings they've done. Invest on experience and skill set. Experience comes with a price, but like what i said above, it will give justice to the beauty of your wedding - it will be worth every penny.

A budget wedding can look majestic with the right photographer but the grandest wedding can look cheap with the wrong photographer.

Our wedding photography packages can really vary depending on the kind of services needed for your special day, we understand that not everyone has the same budget, it may be a small wedding of less than 50 guests, eloping, a courthouse wedding, a festive event of more than 300 guests or just wanna keep it short and do not need full day coverage, we don't want budget constraints stop people who love our work from being able to have us capture their special moments. With that being said, we offer one of the best pricing for the services we provide but at the same time, if you're looking for the cheapest price out there, we may not be the photographers for you.  So please feel free to reach out to us and let's talk about it over a coffee or Skype.

Give yourself something beautiful to look back in to for your wedding day... INVEST WISELY ;)

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