San Diego Wedding Photographer | Eliad and Valentina | Lavender Field session | Moldova

Lavender field engagement session | Cobusca Nouă, Moldova | San Diego wedding photographer

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Jessica + Austen same day edit video | San Diego wedding photographer

San diego wedding photographer

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Brett + Leanna | Whiskey Circle | SAN DIEGO,CA. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


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India, a place teeming with riot noise and colors, where you dodge a perpetual stream of honking tuktuks just to cross the street and the rapid motion of the busy crowd are kept alive by both tourists and locals. Over a billion people live here, from a backward but beautiful colonial possession to a now developing economic super power, over a billion in population and continues to grow rapidly, but no matter how much India have changed economically over the years, India is still breathtakingly beautiful with its distinctly colorful culture. The land of the kings, fierce warriors and feudal kingdoms where streets are painted with lashes of bright colorful saris. Its one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a story book land of ancient tales of kings, kingdoms and fortresses. To be in India is to be enchanted until your senses shut down, theres no place like it anywhere else.

India, 2014

Happy international women's day everyone!

Apo Fang-Od, at the age of 95, she is the known as the oldest of among the very few remaining practitioner of "Batok" tattoo ritual of the Butbut tribe.

Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines 2014

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