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A tale of two wanderers

Love does so many wonders, sometimes it comes when you least know it - just out of nowhere, it can be a little sneaky and will just hit you randomly, and when it does, you just know it. This story is something worth sharing, something i thought would only happen in the movies. A story that touches the hopeless romantic in me.

Steve spent a little bit over a week in the Philippines and was having the best time of his life exploring the beautiful tropical landscape and white sand beaches of Palawan, it was a paradise that he deserved. And then with the strike of luck, he met Timi,
a free spirited woman who loves yoga and exerts so much positive energy. She was traveling from Slovakia and only has 6 hours left to spend in the island when they met before heading out to the airport to fly back home. So she went for it and spent her remaining time trying to get to know Steve more. It was a 6 hour date backdropped by the tropical paradise with the warm ocean breeze. A very romantic getting to know setting thats hard to forget. So after that, they went on with their lives and kept in touch for a couple of more years and well, fast forward... after countless Skype sessions and Facetime calls, a couple of visits in Slovakia and constant communications with each other, here they are now, eloped here in San Diego, Ca.

Steve and Timi’s story is something that has to be shared, its the kind of story that tells us that things happen for a reason, that somewhere out there - within the corners of the world, your happiness is just waiting for you. Never give up, there will always be that someone out there who will fill up that void in you and will make you happy. Sometimes you just have to look for it, and sometimes you meet them in paradise too, after all, we all deserve to be the happiest we can be.

I can still remember Timi’s exact words while she was telling me their love story; sometimes you just know, and when you do, you're just willing to go all the way and risk everything.