Happy New Year everyone!


Whew! after all the hard works and planning, all the mistakes and mixed priorities, it all comes down to this - our new website; clean elegant, and most importantly... fun and playful. 

We want to welcome 2016 with a bang so after all the tight deadlines and thousands of phone calls to find the right vendor that would help us on our growth, here we are - new year, new us, and new beginnings.

Faster deliveries, easy sharing of you very important event to all social media platforms, digital album made easy, affordable and accessible to all mobile device, customizable and elegant print albums and packagings are some of our highlights and focus as we head towards out new beginnings.

But of course we still stick to our basic principle; "just have fun" which is how it all started in the first place -  our grass roots. its passion that pushes us, our artistic endeavors, our curiosity, and willingness to try new things, it is this basic principle that led us to what we are and where we are.

So yeah, enough about us because in the first place, SweetPaperMedia is all about you, so let us hear from you guys! we would love to hear your story and put visuals in it, hit us up anytime, were always around.

Cheers! hope you guys get the most out of 2016! booyah!