Benjamin + Monica | Venice beach | Los Angeles, Ca.


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A tale of two wanderers | STEVEN and TIMI | San Diego elopement session

A tale of two wanderers | San Diego elopements | SweetPaperMedia | your kickass San Diego wedding photographer

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Eliad and Valentina | Lavender Field session | Moldova

Lavender field session | Cobusca Nouă, Moldova |
Sweetpapermedia | Your kickass wedding photographer

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Jessica + Austen same day edit video

Your kick ass San diego wedding photographer

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Brian + Quinn | Ethereal open air resort | San Diego, Ca wedding

Sweet couple Brian and Quinn chose Ethereal Open Air Resort for their wedding, giving it a rustic spring feel with a hint of neutral colors. My favorite part of the wedding was the cherry trees which were in full bloom during spring season, fully complementing the wedding's rustic spring theme. The ceremony was held in the venue's brick chapel which was accentuated with moody lighting giving the ceremony the perfect feel. I was instantly charmed by the beautiful details. The bride’s dress, the location, the genuine smiles of the couple–even the barn as their backdrop–made the whole thing extra romantic! So go ahead guys, grab a cup of coffee, and warm yourselves up by browsing the rest of the set.

Pol Sena | SweetPaperMedia
San Diego Wedding Photographer


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Ahmed and Regla's Havana session | SAN DIEGO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

Ahmed and Regla remind me of Chico and Rita, a movie about two cuban musician who were bonded together by love and music. Backdropped by the nostalgic city of Havana, Chico and Rita's story revolves around music, romantic desires and journey. They fell in love, got separated by fame and political unrest and Six decades later, he found Rita in Vegas and learned that she has been waiting for him for 47 years. 

Ahmed and Regla's story is comparable, both musicians, bonded together by love for music and... love itself. They currently live in a long distance relationship, with Regla in Mexico pursuing a music career while Ahmed stays in Havana following the same career path as her. Ahmed is working on moving to Mexico to be with his love and hopefully... it's soon.  

Their story is a good reminder of how love defies limits, it defies borders and that love is not measured by distance but by faith. 

Their love is like a song that you can hear across oceans, its their connection, its what bonded them before and it will be their bond forever.


special thanks to Luis Ulacia of Casa 1932
or his warm hospitality 

Pol Sena | SweetPaperMedia
San Diego Wedding Photographer



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HABAGAT | San Diego Wedding Photographer

My heartbeat echoes back home
everytime i hug your pillow at night...
i love you

it was that one time i proved to myself that happiness is real


Eric and Veronica Mt. Woodson castle wedding | San Diego Wedding Photographer


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Sin City inspired engagement session | San Diego Wedding photographer

What meanest thou by love?

It is to bear in one's heart the sacred marks and sweet words of the beloved.

It is to long for her with desires and with tears.

It is the boldness, it is fervor, it is fear. It is the desire for the beloved above all things.

It is that what causes the lover to grow faint when he hears the beloved's praises...

and it is that in which id die, and which is all my will



On Industry and Bad mouthing



One of my first painting in 2003
title: Do you pray?
Oil on Canvas (2ft x 3ft)


Ive been in the creative field since 2003, ive been through a long struggling path from being a fine art painter to becoming a photographer, careers were based not just on creative visions but on network as well. Getting our work out there was one of the primary goals besides making art itself - knowing the right people and being in the right circle. The artist community was very active on helping out each other, in fact, 80% of the people who attended our art shows were fellow artists extending their support than actual buying collectors, Its a fun and inspiring community. The idea was to be inspired by each other's work and meet new artists. I remember having zero sales back in 2007 during the opening of an art show but artist's attendance was so overwhelming. Cocktails were served and bands played the whole night... i still saw it as a success. I was still very happy with the outcome.

But behind the cheering crowds, the fun and the support, whispers go around within this community, rumors and gossips. Either true or just made up stories, it circles the community like flies buzzing around in everyones ears, it can make or break you. In an industry where word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, these whispers inevitably go around in community based careers. I myself was guilty on most part during these times. I joined the gossip games like it was part of a marketing strategy. It was mostly based out of loyalty - a circle of friends supporting each other spreading the words out... just simply talking. I did my own share when it comes to spreading gossips, if one does something against my friends or if one of my friend, for some reason, does not like someone, words will come out and get passed from one person to another. These can either be good or bad, a lot of it were bad rumors that can bring down fellow artists from the art scene. Ive heard a lot, from someone selling out, sex scandals, someone being in a "closet", winning competitions because of certain connections and just someone simply being an asshole and should be avoided at all cost. These became part of the usual conversation over gatherings, it made conversations fun. And although a lot of it were based on loyal circles, it also destroyed certain circles. Some friends would have petty issues and then followed by rumors and gossiping, it becomes the new talk of the community and breaks friendships beyond repair because it was too blown out of proportion. People took sides and started talking - one thing led to another and all hell broke loose. 

 Globalized Burgis Acrylic on Oil 3ft x 4ft 2009

Globalized Burgis
Acrylic on Oil
3ft x 4ft

I destroyed myself out of this game, it all backfired. I was too active on taking sides, sharing rumors and gossips, it was kind of addicting to have information about others you can share. Somehow, it felt like i was a part of a solid circle. Without realizing its giving a negative impact on me, i was molding a character of someone who is not trustworthy. I was young and being careless, all i cared about is that i was part of the cool people crowd. And then people within my circle started turning against me. It seemed like i bred a full circle of friends out of bad mouthing. Someone made up stories about me and a lot of it were exaggerated over actions that i was provoked into. I became the joke of the community because of certain actions over situations that led me in to. What started as a couple of jokes about my character became too real and people started taking rumors as facts. It destroyed my career as a painter, i stopped receiving invitations to participate in group exhibits and friends stopped talking to me. I never felt so isolated, I was so burned out and overwhelmingly depressed as i looked at the years i invested honing my craft and career burn down to ashes in front of me and i cant do anything about it. 

Fortunately this was also the time where i was introducing myself to professional photography, it became my fallback. It was an alternative creative outlet that allowed me to divert my attention and hone my skills in this field. I started working for a publishing company, got accepted by Jervy Santiago as an apprentice, eventually having my own home based studio and i was able to work side by side with David Hanson Ong and Aldwin Aspillera, one of the best in their own field. I took my experiences in the art scene as a lesson in building my new career, photography was my salvation and my second chance, i learned how to avoid bad vibes. Bad mouthing made me uncomfortable since then.

While rumors and gossiping will always be present in any profession, there is always a way to avoid it. My experience taught me that professionalism is measured mostly by how you treat your colleagues, by how you handle yourself against the fact that bad mouthing will always be everywhere. Never take part in any gossiping and rumors, never bad mouth anyone over baseless accusations, stay humble, never put yourself on a high horse like you're above everyone else, respect differences and opinions and most of all, avoid drama at all cost because bottomline is, no matter what kind of story that you tell everyone about someone, you will always be the main character in it.



Recent personal photography works



Brett + Leanna | Whiskey Circle | SAN DIEGO,CA. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

Brett and Leanna are both in a band called The Whiskey Circle based out here in San diego, Ca.  Heavily influenced by blues and country, they bring out the good ol' days of rock n roll in their music. These two are bonded by talent and music and its not hard to notice that their love just simply burns with passion, something i find really admirable. It was never hard to get along with these two, Hanging out with them in their artsy / vintage decorated apartment, with all the music instrument cluttering the living room made me feel like i belong and had this sense of good vibes in them. Listening to them as they strum their guitars together in front of me while Leanna hums her tunes... the connection is just spot on... its like they're one.

While we were headed out to to do our session in Elmer's Tree bottle Ranch, Leanna told me the story on how she and Brett met a couple of years ago in their church. Back then Leanna was a solo singer songwriter who regularly plays at the church and Brett was the same. They were introduced to each other by a friend and she said that upon shaking his hand during the introduction, she already knew she's gonna marry this person. I still have Leanna's exact words in my head; "sometime's you just feel the energy... sometimes you just know". Its amazing how much i learn from the people i work with... like these two, they inspire me.

Much love to you Brett and Leanna, Hug Dakota for me :)


Pol Sena | SweetPaperMedia
San Diego Wedding Photographer

2016 year ender slideshow

2016 was AWESOME! there are so many things to be thankful for; lessons, growth and love but the most importantly, the people who i met this year, the new friends who inspired and helped me grow. I always believed that life isn't about the things you acquire but the friends you gain and the lessons you learn from them, and you guys are one of the best things that happened not just this year but in my life.

Thank you isn't enough to show my gratitude... but thank you anyway.

much love!

Pol Sena | SweetPaperMedia
San Diego Wedding Photographer